Fishcakes, but not fried off

It starts with Saturday kitchen and I finally realise what it is that I hate about TV cooks – they always have to add a spurious word at the end of everything they say – so “fry it” becomes “fry it off”, “trim it” becomes “trim it up” – the list goes on – “brown it off, “whisk it up”, “boil it down”. And they all seem to do it. Infuriating.

The days starts with – need I say it – croissants and pain au chocolat – I have to find something different next week. Then simple spaghetti with ragu sauce for lunch. But supper is a little more interesting –

Trout and Smoked Salmon Fishcakes

Peel a handful of potatoes and place them in salted boiling water. Take a couple of trout fillets and very gently fry them in a pan with butter – not cooking them fully through.

When the potatoes are cooked, mash them with butter, double cream salt and pepper, then take the skin off the trout and flake it into the potato mixture. Finally, pull the smoked salmon into little pieces and add.

Finely chop a handful of dill and mix it all together, checking that the mixture is well seasoned. If it is a little too wet, add a handful or two of breadcrunbs.

Now form the mixture into individual cakes, no more than about 1 cm thick and 3-4 cms in diameter. Fry them in butter and serve with a green salad.

Brilliant with a bottle of Australian Riesling (Tim Adams is a good one)

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