So it’s less dad at the weekend, more lad at the weekend this time with a bunch of old friends on the Cornish coast.
This place is just fantastic – it’s cold but the swell is small and perfectly formed – half a day in the water is exactly what we needed to build up a decent appetite.
Straight out of the sea and Dev cooks up a fantastically simple Asian broth with chicken
Heat a litre of chicken stock (preferably home made) and pan fry a couple of chicken breasts (or salmon fillets if your prefer). In the meantime, chop up some lovely vegetables – my favourites are pak choi, spring onions, mushrooms (doesn’t matter which, but chanterelle are really good), red chillies (without the seeds unless you like it really spicy) – really whatever you like as long as it’s delicate and cooks easily in boiling water. Now add a handful of udon noodles to the stock, along with some rice wine vinegar.
When the chicken is ready (nicely browned on both sides) let it rest and then slice it thinly. Add the veggies to the stock and let them cook for a couple of minutes, then add the chicken and a good glug of soy sauce.
That’s it!

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