Goat’s cheese tarts

It’s the weekend again and the shorts are back!

I pick them up at 5 and we come straight back for our now traditional meal of penne with tomato, garlic and basil sauce (with a dash of cream of course)In the morning we go to Tesco (I know, I’m sorry but we don’t have local shops any more and I can’t afford Waitrose at the moment – I will sort this out at some point I promise) and I notice that egg sizes at Tesco have gone all MacDonalds – you can now only buy eggs in Medium, Large and Very Large…Just pick up a carton of 6 medium eggs and have a look inside. Tiny. That’s what they are.

Anyway – we get the food for the weekend – the obligatory pain au chocs, nibbley bits for Saturday night in front of the telly, and the main ingredients for our DATW meals. I also spend half an hour thinking about what I’m going to cook this Christmas – it’s started already – by the time we get to the day I’ll have a full spreadsheet with timings covering every minute of the day and every single things that will pass through anyone’s lips throughout a three day period. Bit sad really. Someone told me the other night that lists are something specific to our generation and that our kids manage without. How can that be? Lists to me are the very foundation of my ability to function as a human being – in fact there are very few things I can achieve without a line or ten on a piece of paper…We get back and I get going with our lunch – lasagne – I’m not even going to bother – there isn’t a cook book in the land that doesn’t cover this one…
Anyway – Saturday night and after the kids go to bed I decide to use up some left over puff pastry – Goats cheese and red onion tart
I use a baking tray with the moulds for making little tarts and pies (about 5cm in diameter). Grease the tray and cut the puff pastry (bought not home made) to fit the moulds with a litte bit sticking up out above the tray. Fill the cases with a couple of spoonfuls of mild goats cheese (spoon the cheese loosely so that you don’t have densely packed cheese). Then fry a red onion in a pan with a little butter and a spoonful of sugar until is softens. Spoon the onion over the tarts and put in an oven at 190c for 10-15 mins, until the pastry is golden brown and the cheese is bubbling. Serve with rocket dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil…

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