Bit of a strange one this, but the shorts loved it so it is worthy of getting down on here (and it is a perfect use of my leftover Iranian rice – see below – and a great excuse for cooking too much of said rice). For the chronologically astute and the health conscious, I expect a certain level of concern over the fact that I am eating leftover rice that I cooked a week ago – I make no guarantees, but I stuck it in the fridge so I’m going to risk it. Just don’t try this at home. And don’t start commenting on here if you get a nasty dose of Bacillus Cereus. On second thoughts – go ahead and comment on here – I could do with a bit of adverse publicity to give dadattheweekend the global recognition it clearly deserves…

Sausage egg fried rice

Take a pack of sausages and fry them gently in a pan.

When they are almost done, take another frying pan with a good glug of olive oil and fry a finely chopped shallot. Once it has softened, add your cold rice and a few sprigs of thyme and heat for a few minutes on a moderate flame. If you’re using the Iranian rice recipe below, there is plenty of butter in it so no need for more. If you’re not, add a nob of butter.

Now break up the sausages with a wooden spatula (amazing how easy it is to misspell that word) and add them to the rice and pour in two beaten eggs. Now stir the whole lot vigorously for about 30 seconds ensuring the egg gets well distributed.

Sausage egg fried rice

Immediately take off the heat and serve. You’ll see from the picture that I got there a little too late with the camera…

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