Times Plus and the best breakfast

It’s 10am on Friday and we’ve just spent the last 24 hours giving birth to the particularly troublesome child that is Times Plus (it’s uncanny how many parallels there are between having a baby and launching a website – the only notable exceptions being that the conception is considerably less enjoyable and the birth involves slightly fewer fluids).

Anyway, now I’m hungry. I’ve spent the last two weeks having this breakfast every weekday morning and it is so good, although perhaps a little too simple.

Granola with blueberries and yoghurt

At the start of the week, buy a 500ml pot of natural yoghurt, a 425g pot of granola (Lovedean is my favourite) and two punnets of blueberries.

Then each morning, take a few large spoonfuls the granola, a few spoonfuls of the yoghurt and a good handful of the blueberries. Put them in a bowl. Eat them. Then feel good about yourself for the rest of the day.

Do this every morning and, if you got the measures right, on Friday you can take the yoghurt pot with hopefully a welcoming glut of uneaten yoghurt looking up at you and tip in the remaining granola and blueberries – perfect.

The idea that I end the week having eaten everything I started the week with – and in the pot I bought it in – panders nicely to my need for symmetry

(By the way – you don’t strictly need two punnets of blueberries, but I like to allow for the theft off the odd sneaky handful for when I need perking up during the day…)

It tastes better than it looks...

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