Cakes in a pan


I was just on the phone to the shorts who unexpectedly wished me happy pancake day, reminding me about a post that I have been meaning to do for some time. So now I’m madly rushing to get this published in order to to help you lot in your quest to provide something appropriate for your kids to eat on what Unilever would like us to believe is Jif lemon day.

It’s ridiculously easy and probably a little patronising to be including this here, but I’m going to include it anyway, if for no other reason than to honour Saint Shrove…


Take a mixing bowl and into it sieve some flour – I have no idea of the weight, but probably enough to fill a mug, followed by milk and a couple of eggs. The amount you put in is completely up to you – you can have lovely thin pancakes for which you will want a runny batter, or big fat ones which will require something a little thicker. Mix it all together well with a whisk and leave it in the fridge to settle for about half an hour (this bit is important).

To cook the pancakes, take a small frying pan (a good condition non-stick one please) and get it very hot. Add a smidge of oil and then ladle in some of the batter and cook your first. Flip it over (a silicone fish slice tends to work well), cook until golden brown. then chuck it. Or eat it yourself, but whatever you do, don’t serve it to anyone – it will not be good.

Then just start churning them out, thick, thin, small, wide (with a little oil from time to time)… and as you finish them, pop them in a warm oven on a plate, stacking them on top of each other little by little until you have a small mountain of pancakes.

Once you’ve finished the batter, serve the pancakes with whatever you like. The shorts prefer either lemon and caster sugar (like the old days) or sliced banana and chocolate spread (I put the pot of spread in the warm oven to loosen it up a bit and turn it into a sauce – seems to work well). Oh – and maple syrup for the Canadians…


2 thoughts on “Cakes in a pan

  1. Tara Boutross

    looks utterly amazing…have you ever tried making mini pancake muffins? totally delectable…and, no flipping required… your not left standing there in the cold flipping batter while the kids dive into the goodness. let me know and I’d be happy to share the receipe.


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