Double yolkers

What are the odds? Two double yolkers in a single pan? Actually not so low as it turns out – if you get one double yolker, you’re rather likely to get another. Something about hormones apparently…*

So in the spirit of gaiety that this experience has created here in the DATW household, I’m going to attempt to write something positive and positively un-ranty.

Just hearing on Radio 4 about Jackie Green who, on his 16th (her 0th) birthday was the youngest person to undertake a sex change operation. He flew out to Thailand and a few days later, she flew back. She’s now entering Miss UK 2012. I can’t help thinking that if I’d triumphed over such adversity, just like Jackie, the very first thing I’d want to do is to find the event that represents the pinnacle of female trivialisation and try to win it. Looks like you can’t completely take the man out of Jackie after all…

You have to love Radio 4 though. It doesn’t matter who is talking and what they are talking about, it takes you to a safe place. I don’t know whether it’s the microphones they use or the acoustic effects they apply to the audio, but it’s lovely. I don’t think I take a car journey without it, and my kitchen is forever immersed its rich tones. And I’m sure that’s why people think John Humphries is a such clever man.

Balls, I did it again didn’t I…

* I just did a quick google search on double-yolkers and came across a chicken rearing community – my god there are some interesting people out there: “Ever seen a fat woman drop a mop and grab a chicken and then go straight to the vet….Could just grab that skin left behind hanging out of her vent and pulled it out… lucky I saw her.. the other hens would have pecked at her vent to get that skin and could have cause a prolapse or worse”

I suddenly feel a little too normal…

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