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Vegas and Huevos

So, another trip to Vegas – and if you want the details, read last year’s report, because if there’s one thing you can rely on with that place, it’s that nothing (apart from the skyline) ever changes. It lures you to into a metronomic journey from meetings to drinks to more drinks to breakfast to sleep to brunch, back to meetings and on and on…It carelessly does away with the traditions of morning and night, workdays and weekends – they simply blend into a shiny plastic amorphous blob, punctuated only by manhattans and eggs, cooked any style – so much so in fact, that in four days we somehow managed to consume breakfast eight times, lunch once and dinner twice – my body is confused. The only thing that brought me back to normality were the huevos rancheros and a little ride in the desert.

Huevos Rancheros

So as a mark of respect to the most exciting thing that was placed in front of me throughout my stay, I have to include this – and thanks to the Lucky 7 diner for introducing me to it – you have to try it.

The photo is taken from Inside NanaBread’s Head, so it’s only right that you go to her site to get the recipe – here it is… Huevos Rancheros, NanaBread style