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Had to put a picture from Marrakech in here – it’s a fantastic place, well worth a visit. One thing we got completely wrong however was the food – for some reason we had this idea that we would be sitting there with plates of mezze-like delights in front of us, rich with hummus, aubergines, olives and lightly charred flat breads. Why on earth we thought that we’d get Lebanese food in Morocco I have no idea, but we all get things wrong from time to time. Click the pics for high res views…

In fact, while the traditional food was fun (pastry parcels, tagines, couscous, pastry parcels, tagines, couscous, etc), the properly good nosh was to be found in the colonial restaurants in the new town and the frantic open air food stalls in the main square of the Medina. I urge you to give it a whirl – even for a weekend – it’s a lovely place with really lovely people…(and make sure you stay in a riad in the Medina, not one of those soulless hotels in the middle of nowhere)